Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation



Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation is pleased to make several resources available to assist facilities with important clinical issues.

Advancing Excellence is a coalition-based campaign to improve quality of care for the nation’s 1.5 million nursing facility residents and provides comprehensive resources to assist facilities in meeting their clinical goals. Clinical topics covered in the Advancing Excellence campaign include pressure ulcers, restraints and pain management.

Falls Prevention

Fall Risk Assessment Tool piloted by the Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation, assists care providers to identify long term care residents at the greatest risk of falling and to develop care plans to minimize those risks. The Falls Management Program developed at Emory University is another resource to prevent falls and injuries.

General Resources on Geriatric Topics

Geriatric nursing resources - Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing and the “Try This” Series


Nursing Home Immunizations Toolkit is a comprehensive online toolkit provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) contains printable resources that nursing home providers can use to help improve the influenza and pneumococcal immunization rates among their residents, staff, and volunteers.

Medication Safety

Safe Medication Practices Workbook  is a resource manual created to reducing medication errors in long-term care facilities. This manual has chapters on warfarin management, medication reconciliation, monthly edits, and others. The manual was developed by Masspro and Mass Senior Care with The Massachusetts Coalition for the Prevention of Medical Errors. It was funded by the Betsy Lehman Center and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.