Massachusetts Senior Care Foundation


Nursing School Partnerships


Mass Senior Care Foundation and Mass Senior Care member facilities work collaboratively with nursing programs on a variety of initiatives to recruit, educate and retain a nursing workforce to meet the care needs of an aging population.

Clinical Placements:

Learn about strategies to enhance nursing student clinical placements in long term care and home health care settings, as recommended by leaders in nursing education, practice, policy. The report details the discussion, presentations, and recommendations from the “Strengthening Partnerships: Enhancing Options for Clinical Placements in Long Term Care and Home Health Care Settings” Invitational Working Session, convened by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education Mass Senior Care Foundation and the Foundation for Home Health, and funded through the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education’s Nursing and Allied Health Initiative.

Explore how your facility can become a nursing student clinical placement site through the Massachusetts Centralized Clinical Placement System (CCP), a regionally based, Internet-based tool developed by the Department Board of Higher Education and the Massachusetts Center for Nursing to increase clinical nursing education placements.

Facility Specific Nursing Programs:

Over 60 Massachusetts nursing facilities have created individualized programs with area nursing schools to provide LPN and RN training for their employees. Find out who is involved here .

Regional Long Term Care Nursing Work Groups:

Mass Senior Care’s regional groups of nursing schools, senior care providers, and state agencies to collaboratively address the nursing shortage in long term care.  To learn more or join one of these groups, click here.

Resources for nursing school faculty:

Many foundations and associations provide valuable information for nursing faculty interested in geriatric nursing. Check out those resources here.

Mass Senior Care helps new nurses succeed:

Mass Senior Care and Mass Senior Care Foundation, in partnership with long term care nursing professionals have created an orientation tool kit to assist facilities in new nurse orientation. These tools will help to ensure that newly minted nurses have a successful transition to the long term care team.

“Triumph in Transitions” is a three part toolkit developed by the Massachusetts Senior Care Clinical Committee to assist facilities in developing their own comprehensive orientation program for new nurses, or nurses who are new to long term care. The three sections are: