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Gero Nurse Prep

Gero Nurse Prep 2013

Mass Senior Care is pleased to partner with AHCA/NCAL to offer Gero Nurse Prep. This proven online training course was expressly developed to promote the professional and educational advancement of registered nurses (RNs) in long term care facilities by preparing them for their national certification as Gerontological Nurses (RN-BC).

Why the Gero Prep Course is important for your nurses and your facility:

  • The course was created expressly to expand the knowledge, skills, competencies, personal and professional growth of RNs in long term care facilities.
  • The curriculum prepares RNs for attainment of national certification as Gerontological Nurses (credential RN-BC: Registered Nurse—Board Certified) through rigorous testing by the American Nurses Credential Center (ANCC).
  • National certification is a badge of quality. It signifies the highest standard of clinical and leadership excellence. It assures employers, residents and families of quality nursing care.
  • In facilities employing certified RNs, key quality indicators — including patient outcomes, patient satisfaction and RN satisfaction — have shown marked improvement.
  • To date, RNs who’ve taken this Gero Prep Course have a 96% exam pass rate.

Training for Geriatric Nurse Certification can yield big dividends across the board — higher quality care, better services, lower staff turnover, happier nurses, residents and families. We encourage you to learn more about this exciting program at  If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Blanks at or 617-558-0202.